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1.left CA. dui, can I get a lic in another state? 2. what is the statue of limitations on under influ. of control' subst charge

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moved out of calif. had 2 unsigned off dui's. can I apply for a license in another state? also have 2 pending charges of under the influence of a controlled substance. is there a statue of limitations for this ? is so what is it?

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Statute of Limitations issues consider the time in which the prosecution may bring a charge against you. I'm unclear from your question if this has happened. if it has, the DUI's and other charges must be addressed. they will not just go away.

If you have pending DUIs or DWIs in any state, no other state will issue you a license. This prevents motorists who have been revoked or suspended in one state from shopping around for somewhere to drive.

Retain a qualified CA defense attorney who can contact the courts where the charges against you originated if that applies. Find out if any warrants were lodged against you for non-appearance. Then take care of any pending warrants and/or charges so that this will not be hanging over your head, and so that you can have a valid license to drive.

Good luck to you.

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When you say "unsigned off" DUI's, I understand this to mean unresolved, or pending DUI's that may have bench warrants issued from judges in each case. If this is so, you can certainly apply for a driver's license in another state. However, your application may be rejected due to the bench warrants pending (and probably will). 48 out the 50 states in the U.S. are part of the interstate compact which shares information about driver's license issues such as DUI.

The statute of limitations for being under the influence of a controlled substance depends upon if it is charged as a misdemeanor (one year) or as a felony (usually three years).

Good luck with everything.

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If your California license is somehow still valid despite your pending cases, you may be able to get a license in another State. However, I assume that your California driver's license has been revoked. If that's the case, you will not be able to get a license anywhere else until the California issues are resolved. You'll need a very good DUI defense attorney to get this mess cleared up with as little damage to you as possible, so take some time to call a few experienced DUI attorneys who practice in California. There are a number of very good ones on this website.

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