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1/ Can i keep my premarital savings + inheritance of money and real estate during the marriage without a prenuptial agreement?

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2/ I s it also possible to keep the appreciation in value of property , inherited real estate and inherited money which i invest in stocks all separate without a prenuptial agreement? AND

3/ Can i keep the appreciation of premarital money separate if its in stocks? or savings accounts? without a prenuptial agreement?

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1 Yes.
2 No.
3 No.

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1. Inheritances are separate property unless the cash is commingled with marital assets, and even then under some circumstances it can be protected. Real estate is almost always protected, though under some circumstances the increase in value in the real estate during the marriage can be a marital asset.
2. Yes. Just don't commingle with marital assets.
3. As above. Don't commingle and it remains separate.

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You have asked this question previously on this forum - please refer to my prior answers to these questions.

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