“How do I obtain Family Guardianship for my 58 year old brother who is certified bi-polar and is wasting away to nothingness?

Asked 3 months ago - San Antonio, TX

He lives in San Antonio while I live in Plano; he mismanages his finances, overlooks his medication and is homeless. Although he is a beneficiary of SSID, he is out of money within 10 days each month. He is also diabetic and recently ended up in the hospital BAMC because of lack of food and water, he fainted while walking and fell off a bridge to rocky ground. While in the hospital he was in ICU for 5 days with tubes attached to his chest keeping him alive. My fear is he may not survive this year because of innumerable times he has been released from the psychiatric hospitals that he ends up in because he becomes temporarily stabilized only to repeat the cycle over and over again. My contact information is: [redacted] Please help

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  1. Daniel Lee O'Neil

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    Answered . You should contact a local lawyer that handles guardianship who can assess the specifics facts and then inform you of the process and procedure to follow if she is going to take on the case. If money is a problem such that you can't afford a lawyer there should be some help through legal aid. Otherwise, use the avvo lawyer search to start pulling names of some lawyers and set up an initial consultation with them. Best of luck

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  2. Dorothea Elaine Laster


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    Answered . Remove this post so that your contact information is removed. This is a Probate question. You would go to Probate court and get a Guardianship. Hire a Probate Lawyer.

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  3. Robert Werner von Dohlen

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    Answered . As mentioned, it's not too difficult to get a guardian of the person assigned by the Probate Court. You'll have to figure out where your brother will live and who that guardian will be. You might try calling Rio Grande Legal Aid or St. Mary's University Center for Legal and Social Justice. I don't think it's likely that you'll get appointed guardian if you are in Plano and he is in San Antonio.

  4. Maria Sara Lowry

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    Answered . Hire a San Antonio probate lawyer to help you.

    You might consider moving your brother closer to you.

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