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"fog line" dui chanes of winning

Lebanon, PA |

short version
cop passes my car heading north seen side tires on the fog line. turns around and follows me. then he reports i was driving on the double solid yellow center lines, then he stated my car crossed the lane and drove near the fog line again. my right turn signal was on and i slowed (obviously i am bout to turn) he thought i was turning into the bank(the building at the corner of the road I was turning on" which is right before the right turn i made, but then i turned on that road. again my car drove over the center lines going a bend, while passing township building. He actviated his emergency lights. This is with in a distance of over a mile. Is this a good enough reason to be pulled over. Country road 3 am only person on the road

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Get in touch with a qualified DUI attorney to review the matter.

  2. There are cases on point on this should surely consult with a DUI specialist. Was that the only probable cause for the stop?

  3. Have a local Lebanon DUI lawyer investigate. Avvo has a "find a lawyer" tool to locate a top-rated Avvo lawyer with a low fee. Good luck.

  4. You should consult with a local DUI lawyer. Whether or not there was probable cause to stop you depends on a number of factors which you should discuss with your lawyer. Many, many more facts will be needed to answer your question with any degree of accuracy.

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