"Can a marriage record be sealed"

A friend wants to get married at 16 to her boyfriend also 16 but she doesn't want her emotionally, mentally and somewhat physically abusive father to see it. So since that would emancipate her and there's an ongoing custody case can it be hidden and just said that she is emancipated? (The justice system in the small town hasn't believed that he was or is like that and she does not want him to screw up her life anymore by using her marriage to his own twisted advantage. )

Bellwood, PA -

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William Charles Sipio

William Charles Sipio

Discrimination Lawyer - Penndel, PA

The general answer to this question is "no". I could very well be wrong on this point, but in Pennsylvania a marriage license is a matter of public record. Anyone can stroll into a county courthouse and look up a couple's marriage license.

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