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.180.00 speeding ticket in Va.Currently have Md. license. Should I switch to a Va license and take online course before court?

Richmond, VA |

College grad. now employed in richmond .1st moving violation

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If you are living and working in Richmond and are no longer a student, you must be licensed in Virginia. Certainly do that at a minimum.

Taking an online course may or may not help you depending upon the county and even the judge. Some judges allow it, some don't. Some are okay with taking it before and some aren't. For instance, if this was in Goochland or Louisa, don't bother at all. Henrico judges typically allow it. What would help you in Goochland/Louisa would be your driving record - 1 mile off for each year of good driving. Also, you will likely want to have your speedometer calibrated at a certified center to see if that can help you.

I don't understand what the ".180.00" is, so I can't tell if this was a reckless charge, if it is a criminal charge or a mere traffic infraction, or if you were indicating the potential fine.

Please note that this response is based upon the limited information available in the question. In addition, it is not intended to create an attorney/client relationship and is offered only as general information and not as legal advice.

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It is unclear from the question if this is a speeding ticket or a reckless driving by speeding ticket. They sound similar, but speeding is a traffic infraction and reckless driving is a criminal charge and will be on your record permanently. If this is reckless, I advise you to hire a lawyer who does this work on a regular basis. It will probably be worth the expense if this charge can be reduced to speeding.

I agree you should get a Virginia license if you are now living and working in Virginia. I also agree that you should probably waiit to take the online course until AFTER you go to court. You can use that as a condition of any deal and you lose that option if you have already taken the course.

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I believe you are required by Virginia Law to update your license within 30 days of moving. Thus, you are legally bound to change over your license, if you live in Virginia and intend to make that your permanent residence (or if you qualify for in-state tuition).

If you are charged with reckless, and it's over 80 or 90 mph - you definitely need an attorney. If it's a simple speeding ticket, you should get an attorney but the choice is up to you.

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