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(1) Can I divorce legally in the country I married from? (2) Has she any right to my housing property

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Married in a foreign country, have two kids 19 and 13 years old together, seperated for 12 years, each of us has house property, but her name was on mine because of Texas Law. I paid child support and took care of their needs with electronically evidences. Now both of us are United States Citizens.Married 1988 in foreign counry, brought her to United States as my wife, she works full time and I work full time. Never had any joint account together, now do not see eye to eye. For the past year, she had indoctrinated the child to to communicate with me or see me. I still pay child support without court verdict, pay extra for the kids allowance every month. I had money set aside for the kids College, but I refuse to pay the college fee because of her attitude toward me now and because the child refuse to pick up my phone calls, except email me to see if I could pay the intending college fee.

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You can divorce in Texas if you have a domcile here for the last six months and you file in the county you have resided for the last 90 days.

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Unfortunately, the situation you describe is very common. You need to file for divorce in Harris County. You live in Houston & there are many fine attorneys in the Houston area. Look on this website & select one. All the best to you!

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Honestly, it depends on the foreign country. Most countries do have residency requirements for divorce and if you haven't lived there for years, it's unlikely to be the proper venue for divorce.

If you have been separated for 12 years, it's unlikely a judge would award her any of your house or the equity in it. I'd still recommend consulting a local attorney, though.

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