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,,,who is responsible for injury on a property that is probate and is being rented the tenant or the landlord

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someone slipped on wet grass in a stone driveway broke their arm

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  1. If it was in the driveway, I would make a claim against the homeowners policy of the owner of the property.

  2. I would make a claim against both the Estate and the tenant. I would think however that based upon the minimal facts provided that even with a broken arm, it woudl be difficult to have a successful claim, because wet grass would normally be considered (at least under Michigan law) to be open and obvious. In addition, most State have defenses to such claims like comparative and contributory negligence, which means that the amount of money recovered is reduced by the victim's own part in falling. If the jury determines that the vicitm's % of fault is more than 50%, then they would get nothing. I woudl definitely consult with an Ohio attorney though.

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  3. Liability looks tough, but a personal injury lawyer can submit a claim to the homeowners insurance carrier.

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  4. Generally the owner of a property is responsible for its upkeep, particularly on common areas such as driveways.

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