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  1. Sandy Land Use / Zoning Attorney I. Robert Wall

    Sandy, UT Land Use / Zoning Attorney
    Licensed for 32 years
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  2. Sandy Land Use / Zoning Attorney Paxton R Guymon

    Client Review: As an attorney, Paxton Guymon did an excellent job of representing me in preparation for and in t...
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    Licensed for 17 years


  3. Sandy Land Use / Zoning Attorney Walter T Keane

    Client Review: AFter getting ripped off by a big firm downtown, Mr. Keane solved it in 2 months time. His fee wa...
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    Licensed for 16 years

Sandy Land Use & Zoning lawyers

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Sandy, UT

Land Use & Zoning

Land use / zoning attorneys help you understand land use laws and zoning regulations, both of which concern how you use your land (for businesses, homes, farms, factories, etc.). Zoning regulations specify things such as how close together different types of buildings can be (for example, single-family homes versus high-rise apartment buildings), how far back from the sidewalk buildings must be set, how high you can build, and how much parking you need to provide. A land use / zoning attorney can determine which rules apply to your property and development activities, and whether you qualify for any exceptions to these rules.