Internet Lawyers

Why hire an Internet attorney?

An internet lawyer handles cases involving victims of misuse and misconduct resulting from internet-related activities, such as cases dealing with identity theft or intellectual property. Cases involving copyright and trademark infringement, defamation, identity theft, and domain name usage are examples of legal situations about which internet lawyer can offer advice. If you have questions about the legality of your or someone else's internet activities, contact an internet attorney for up-to-date legal advice.

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Did You Know?

Eighty percent of customers changed their mind about purchasing a product after reading negative reviews online, indicating the power of online reviews. It's no wonder that defamation lawsuits over online reviews are on the rise.
* Sources: Combating Online Defamation Is an Essential Business Practice in the Digital Age

Guides on Choosing an Internet Lawyer

  • What are the attorneys' fee and costs on a terms of use page on a website?


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Being a business owner involves many stages, from starting your business to day-to-day management to transferring or eventually exiting your business. A business attorney is fully educated about the law concerning your business activities. Research a skilled lawyer who specializes in your particular industry and professional field. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or build a company, a business attorney will help with the transaction.

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A telecommunications attorney can handle rate disputes and transmission limitations for a telecommunications business. If there is a dispute over telecommunications such as the technology or physical structures like satellites or cell phone towers, a telecommunications lawyer will have the continually-updated knowledge of telecommunications law. Conversely, a well-versed attorney in this law can represent the company providing network systems.

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Computer Fraud

If you suspect that your computer has been used for illegal activity, then you may be the victim of computer fraud. A thief can hack into or steal your computer as a tool to commit a crime without your knowledge. If this might have happened to you, consult a computer fraud attorney as soon as possible. Examples of computer fraud cases include cyber-stalking, child pornography, and blackmail.

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Intellectual Property

Ideas, images, and processes that come from you are protected under intellectual property law. Intellectual property lawyers uphold your rights as an artist, author, or developer to your ideas and creations. There are different types of intellectual property attorneys, such as those who protect copyright of paintings and music and those who trademark your logos and slogans. Patent attorneys aid in getting government protection for your inventions.