Intellectual Property Attorneys

Why hire an Intellectual Property attorney?

Artists, inventors, and business owners that want to protect their ownership of the ideas, images, and processes they've created will benefit from the services of an intellectual property lawyer. Intellectual property includes all of the ideas and work you have created, and you have the right to determine how it's used. An intellectual property attorney in your area can assist you with various issues from copyright to trademark to patent and licensing.

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Less than two percent of intellectual property cases get through a trial and reach a verdict. Hire a lawyer to put together the best possible strategy for you.
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A licensing attorney can benefit you by writing contracts to protect your intellectual property rights. If you own a copyright, trademark, or patent and someone would like to use it, call on an expert attorney to make sure your work is protected. Licensing attorneys write contracts detailing specifically how someone may use your property and how much you will be paid for each use, and also the recourse available to you if someone violates your licensing agreement.

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Copyright Application

As an artist, business owner, or inventor, you work hard to create unique ideas. From songs to software code, a copyright prosecution attorney can protect your work and make sure you receive payment for its use by copyrighting your material. A copyright application attorney will advise you on how to claim your copyright, the form to use, and whether to formally register your copyright.

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Patent Infringement

If you have filed a patent and feel that your invention is being improperly used, you will need to call on the services of a patent infringement attorney. Examples of patents include medical formulas and software programs. You have options when someone steals your legally protected invention, and a patent infringement attorney will step you through your choices, from stopping the misuse of your invention to compensation for the improper use.

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Trademark Application

Your brand is your consumer-recognizable image, with a logo and branded image and reputation. A trademark attorney will assist you in protecting these assets, providing reliable advice on all aspects of the trademarking process. Trademarks are the only protection your logo and brand have, and trademark application lawyers are the only ones who can effectively prevent them from being misrepresented.