Insurance Fraud Lawyers

Why hire an Insurance Fraud attorney?

A skilled insurance fraud lawyer will defend your case if you are accused of making a false insurance claim. If you are indicted for committing insurance fraud, such as deliberately faking an injury to illegally collect money from your insurance company, an experienced insurance fraud attorney will litigate on your behalf. A skilled lawyer will protect your reputation against the charge and set the record straight before the court.

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Did You Know?

10 years - The maximum sentence in prison that an individual can get for healthcare insurance fraud that doesn't include bodily injury or death.
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A contract attorney, who specializes in writing contracts and agreements, will be able to protect your legal rights through legally binding documents so that you do not get sued for breach of contract. If you are accused of violating the terms of a contract or feel that a contract you signed has gone bad, call on a contract lawyer to review your situation.

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Insurance law regulates policies that insurance companies can offer and rates they can charge. A good insurance attorney will review your coverage within many types of insurance, including auto insurance, health insurance, or homeowners insurance. A well-qualified lawyer will be sure to help you choose policies that cover your losses from different types of risk, fight for you if you are denied claims, and sue on your behalf if the company has violated your rights.

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If you have been accused of making a false insurance claim, a fraud attorney specializing in insurance fraud can be of service. For example, if you make a claim for physical therapy treatments for back problems, and, after paying, your insurance company claims you never had the treatment, you may need to call a medical insurance fraud attorney. Your attorney will be able to represent you against the accusation that you lied about your injury to collect money.

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Criminal Defense

If you are suspected of a crime such as insurance fraud, you'll need a criminal defense attorney to present your defense before the court or to negotiate a reduced penalty. You will want a seasoned lawyer who has worked often on your specific type of case. Your attorney will be able to gather the information you need that might prove your innocence or reduce your sentence.