Identity Theft Lawyers

Why hire an Identity Theft attorney?

An identity theft attorney will work to hold the thief responsible, recover financial losses, and repair damages you have experienced as a result. If someone is using your name to open accounts and make purchases, you may need a consumers’ rights attorney. They can recognize these signs and work with your bank and the credit cards to save you money and your reputation.

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Did You Know?

The No. 1 cause of identity fraud is not from online identity theft, but from the old-fashioned burglary of your wallet, purse, and other personal identification. If you suspect someone has stolen your identity, contact an identity theft attorney.
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A privacy attorney will make sure to protect your right to keep your personal information private. The government is restricted from how much information it can collect from you under privacy laws such as HIPAA. Privacy laws protect against misuse of your social security information, medical records, or credit history. If you are concerned that your privacy has been compromised or you have been accused of invading someone else’s privacy, a privacy law attorney will advise you of a plan of action.

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If have been the victim of fraud, such as identity theft or a business has sold you a faulty product, you may need to sue, and a legal representative will be your best route. A lawyer specializing in fraud will recognize a fraudulent scheme and advise you of your rights, negotiate on your behalf in mediation, or file a lawsuit if your issue needs to go to court.

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Computer Fraud

Computer fraud is when someone uses information technology to commit a crime. Examples of computer fraud range from emails asking for your credit card information or social security number for illegal use to hacking into a computer to change information such as grades or work reports. Because the penalty for this crime can be jail time and fines, contacting an attorney who specializes in fraud can be an important step in evaluating your case.

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Credit Card Fraud

If you find unauthorized purchases were made with your credit card, you should seek legal advice right away. A lawyer specializing in credit card fraud will aid you in applying credit card fraud laws to your situation. With a reputable fraud attorney, you will not be responsible for any more losses or accountable for paying stolen card charges.