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  1. Blackstone General Practice Lawyer Michael E. Swain

    Michael Swain

    Blackstone, MA General Practice Lawyer
    Licensed for 5 years
    Not yet reviewed


  2. Blackstone General Practice Lawyer Jacqueline D. Cameron Chappell

    Jacqueline Chappell

    Bellingham, MA General Practice Lawyer
    Licensed for 7 years
    Not yet reviewed


General Practice

General practice attorneys perform a wide range of legal services but usually do not focus on a single area of the law. You will usually find a general practice lawyer in a small town, but big cities have them as well. You might consider a general practice lawyer as a “Jack of all Trades” who can give advice in many legal areas, represent you in common lawsuits and negotiations, and prepare everyday agreements and contracts. If you have a legal issue and aren't sure what type of lawyer should handle it, a general practice attorney is a good starting point. A general practice lawyer will refer you to an attorney who handles a specific practice area if necessary.