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Why can't I chage the utilities to my wife's name?

Asked in Binghamton, NY - 1 attorney answered

Utility Meters: Property of Homeowner or Utility?

Asked in Greenville, MI - 3 attorneys answered

Utility Easement

Asked in Connecticut - 3 attorneys answered

Utility bill

Asked in Rockville, MD - 2 attorneys answered

Overcharged for Utilities

Asked in Portland, OR - 2 attorneys answered

Utilities and roommates?

Asked in Bloomington, IN - 1 attorney answered

Shared Utilities

Asked in Forestville, CA - 1 attorney answered

Theft of utilities?

Asked in Warner Robins, GA - 2 attorneys answered

Utility debt

Asked in Orland Park, IL - 1 attorney answered

Statute of limitation for utility bill

Asked in Rocky Mount, NC - 2 attorneys answered

Utility bill issues

Asked in Baldwin Park, CA - 1 attorney answered

Utility company debt

Asked in Las Vegas, NV - 1 attorney answered

HOA questions about utilities and bills for those utilities.

Asked in Lebanon, OR - 3 attorneys answered

Utilities company raises the rate.

Asked in Dallas, TX - 1 attorney answered

Utility Company aka CenterPoint

Asked in Houston, TX - 1 attorney answered