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Employee personnel file and the media

Asked in Chula Vista, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Personnel file and payroll records

Asked in San Jose, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Reconstructing Employee Personnel Files

Asked in Chicago, IL - 1 attorney answered

Employee Rights to Personnel File

Written by attorney Randy T. Enochs

Maintaining Employee Personnel Files

Written by attorney Jennifer McClain Tennant

Papering employee personnel file

Asked in Grafton, WI - 2 attorneys answered

Isn't my personnel file supposed to be confidential?

Asked in Little Rock, AR - 1 attorney answered

Two versions of Personnel file in wrongful termination case!

Asked in San Diego, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Requesting your Personnel File in WA State

Written by attorney Noah Kendrick Williams

Are personnel files allowed to be kept off site?

Asked in Murrysville, PA - 1 attorney answered

Where can I view my Personnel File

Asked in Pottstown, PA - 1 attorney answered

How do I get access to my personnel file?

Asked in East Lansing, MI - 3 attorneys answered

Using law enforcement personnel files to impeach an officer?

Asked in Dayton, OH - 2 attorneys answered

How do I request a copy of my personnel file?

Asked in Royal Oak, MI - 1 attorney answered

Employer denying me a copy of my personnel file

Asked in Spokane, WA - 3 attorneys answered