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Am i married because i filed married filing jointly

Asked in Hutchinson, KS - 2 attorneys answered

Married but filing separately or married filing jointly?

Asked in Elmira, NY - 4 attorneys answered

Married Filing Jointly or Married filing Separately ?

Asked in Medford, MA - 6 attorneys answered

Tax refund+ change married filing jointly to single

Asked in Carrollton, TX - 3 attorneys answered

Do I file married filing separately or married filing jointly?

Asked in Everett, WA - 2 attorneys answered

Can I file tax as Married Filing Jointly even if I lived apart?

Asked in Boston, MA - 4 attorneys answered

Tax filing as Married filing joint as a non resident alien

Asked in Columbia, MD - 3 attorneys answered

What would be best filing Married filing jointly or separately ?

Asked in Baltimore, MD - 4 attorneys answered

Can I amend my tax from married filing jointly to single?

Asked in Dallas, TX - 4 attorneys answered

Can a couple that is not married file joint tax return

Asked in Paragould, AR - 1 attorney answered

Owe IRS Taxes for 2011 - Married filing Jointly.

Asked in San Francisco, CA - 3 attorneys answered