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How to strip a lien after bankruptcy

Asked in Briarcliff Manor, NY - 4 attorneys answered

Avoiding Judicial Liens in Bankruptcy

Written by attorney Marques Lipton

Removing a lien after bankruptcy discharge

Asked in Manteca, CA - 3 attorneys answered

Secured Liens Bankruptcy

Asked in Mount Holly, NJ - 3 attorneys answered

Can you put a lien on the bankruptcy plan?

Asked in San Diego, CA - 9 attorneys answered

How to remove a judgement lien after bankruptcy?

Asked in Oakland, CA - 3 attorneys answered

HOA, Lien and bankruptcy.....

Asked in Kirkland, WA - 3 attorneys answered

Judicial lien while in bankruptcy process?

Asked in Las Vegas, NV - 4 attorneys answered

Judgments and Liens in Bankruptcy

Written by attorney Yan Rudikh

Tax Liens in Bankruptcy

Written by attorney Paul W. Caprara

Land contract, judgement liens and bankruptcy

Asked in Potsdam, NY - 4 attorneys answered

Motion to Avoid Judicial Lien in Bankruptcy ?

Asked in Anniston, AL - 3 attorneys answered

What is a lien ?

Asked in Colonial Heights, VA - 3 attorneys answered

Stripping judgment lien after bankruptcy case is closed

Asked in Roselle, NJ - 4 attorneys answered