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Can the banks come after international assets in a foreclosure?

Asked in San Diego, CA - 2 attorneys answered

Can i use my international assets to sponsor my husband?

Asked in Knoxville, TN - 3 attorneys answered

Subject: Estate filings to transfer assets in Italy

Asked in Novato, CA - 4 attorneys answered

International Wealth and Asset Protection: Myths and Facts

Written by attorney Schuyler Rockwell Reidel

International divorce

Asked in Madera, CA - 2 attorneys answered

International divorce

Asked in Hartford, CT - 2 attorneys answered

Does IRS levy supercede Divorce division of marital assets?

Asked in Atlanta, GA - 3 attorneys answered

A Beginner's Overview of International Trusts

Written by attorney Daniel Kenneth Printz

Money owed to IRS

Asked in Houston, TX - 4 attorneys answered