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DUI Fees

Asked in Whittier, CA - 4 attorneys answered

DUI fees

Asked in Phoenix, AZ - 3 attorneys answered


Asked in New Bedford, MA - 3 attorneys answered

Virginia DUI Fines Fees and Costs

Written by attorney Luke Joseph Nichols

DUI Attorney fees

Asked in Harrisburg, PA - 2 attorneys answered

Cost of a dui attorney

Asked in Tucson, AZ - 3 attorneys answered

DUI Classes & Fees

Asked in Redwood City, CA - 2 attorneys answered


Written by attorney Heena Hemender Patel

DUI Costs in Tennessee

Written by attorney Grover Christopher Collins

Cost of a DWI in NH

Written by attorney Leonard D. Harden

Rough estimate on court cost?

Asked in Bristol, TN - 2 attorneys answered

What is the cost of CPAC?

Asked in Spring Valley, CA - 9 attorneys answered

Which fees and costs of a DUI that is not negotiable?

Asked in Los Angeles, CA - 3 attorneys answered