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  1. North Plainfield Fraud Lawyer Debra A Sahler

    Debra Sahler

    Debra A. Sahler focuses her practice in product liability, personal injury... more
    Licensed for 18 years
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  2. North Plainfield Fraud Lawyer Seamus Boyle

    Seamus Boyle

    Warren, NJ Fraud Lawyer
    Licensed for 30 years
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  3. North Plainfield Fraud Lawyer Thomas Paciorkowski

    Thomas Paciorkowski

    Edison, NJ Fraud Lawyer
    Licensed for 7 years
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Fraud occurs when a dishonest person cheats to gain advantage over a person or company. A lawyer who specializes in fraud detection has the experience to recognize fraudulent schemes and to protect you against them. Fraud comes in many shapes and sizes: If someone uses your credit card without your knowledge or consent, that is credit card fraud. If someone sells you stock by misrepresenting its value, that is investment fraud. Insurance companies suffer fraud when people turn in false claims, and the government may report tax fraud when someone files a false tax return. If you think you've been the target of fraud—or if you've been accused of committing fraud—a fraud lawyer can help you.