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I worked for an attorney previously, and have hired attorneys previously, that have influenced me into... more
Denver  George Tchavdarov Dimitrov

George Dimitrov

Denver, CO Bankruptcy / Chapter 7
Avvo rating 6.9
I have been so frustrated dealing with "specialists" in my problem and never getting a straight answer or... more
Denver  April Letitia Jones

April Jones

Denver, CO Landlord / Tenant
Avvo rating 6.5
We were provided Matt's name and contact information from a trusted lawyer of the family who was retiring.... more
Denver  Matthew James Casebolt

Matthew Casebolt

Denver, CO Litigation
Avvo rating 7.5
Mike and his wife were the best when he helped my wife through her DUI. Just yesterday he negotiated a great... more
Denver  Michael Allison Mccullough

Michael Mccullough

Denver, CO Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 3.8
It was Super Bowl Sunday and I had an emergency child custody issue that needed immediate attention. I... more
Denver  Culver Winston Van Der Jagt

Culver Van Der Jagt

Denver, CO Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 9.0
Scott was our mediator during our divorce. Since the divorce happened in late 2014, he was very helpful in... more
Denver  Eugene Scott Baroway

Eugene Baroway

Denver, CO Mediation
Avvo rating 8.6
I highly recommend that you hire Joanna Gustafson for your immigration issues. My husband and I couldn't... more
Denver  Joanna M. Gustafson

Joanna Gustafson

Denver, CO Immigration
Avvo rating 8.2
I would not recommend Ashley Emerson as a lawyer. I felt she was unprofessional and not very knowledgeable... more
Denver  Ashley G. Emerson

Ashley Emerson

Denver, CO Lawyer
Avvo rating No concern


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Denver is the “Mile High City” since its elevation is exactly one mile above sea level. But that’s not its only unique claim.

A group of Georgia prospectors found Colorado Territory on their expedition seeking gold. The gold rush is the main reason the city was developed. However, when a gold claim was discovered in a neighboring town, the gold seekers deserted the city.

Those disillusioned by the lack of gold and harsh winters elsewhere returned to Denver for its mild climate and to pursue other endeavors, building its reputation as a center for trade.