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Harold Mark Goldner
I'm not yet convinced of what my LinkedIn profile can do. Twitter drives traffic to my blawg. Avvo generates business.

Harold Goldner, Employment Lawyer, Pennsylvania

Anthony John Colleluori
I just landed a 6-figure case and will be on ABC News in their lead story! Thanks Avvo.

Tony Colleluori, Criminal Defense Lawyer, New York

Raffy Mikaelian Boulgourjian
I started my blog on Avvo.com and couldn't be happier. Avvo's service has been prompt and reliable; their knowledge impressive. I highly recommend this service.

Raffy Boulgourjian, Real Estate Attorney, California

David Leibowitz
Free online profile on a site that gets over two million visitors per month? It's a no-brainer.

David Leibowitz, Bankruptcy Attorney, Illinois

Shelly Crocker
In February [2008] alone, approximately one-third of our new consumer client inquiries originated on Avvo.

Shelly Crocker, Bankruptcy Attorney, Washington

Jon Michael Zimmerman
A client just sent in a retainer and he would not have found me but for Avvo.

Jon Zimmerman, Traffic Lawyer, Washington

Aaron A Pelley
With Avvo Answers, I receive 1–2 clients per month.

Aaron Pelley, Criminal Defense Attorney, Washington

Jonathan Gregg Stein
I just scored two speaking engagements when an attorney found me on Avvo and asked me to speak.

Jonathan Stein, Personal Injury Attorney, California

Jessica Ann Foley
Avvo is a great marketing resource for lawyers like me.

Jessica Foley, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Massachusetts

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Meredith McKell Graff
My best clients are coming from Avvo.com! I have spent a fortune on Legal Match but the leads there have almost dried up. Also, I am in the process of reducing my yellow page presence to online only. You should hear the gnashing of teeth when I tell them I don't want to waste money on print ads because people take their phone books off the porch and put them directly in the recycle bin. I appreciate my association with Avvo.com and think it is the best legal marketing platform out there!

Meredith McKell Graff, Family Attorney, Washington

Jonathan Dichter
I have been advertising with Avvo since opening my office a year ago. Avvo is consistently the largest referral source directly to my website. I have had many clients contact me through Avvo, and they tend to be more educated, more likely to hire, and more likely to pay their bills. I use Facebook, Twitter, a blawg, Justia, and about every other free marketing tool I can get - Avvo was the first I was willing to pay for - and I'll never let it go.

Jonathan Dichter, DUI Attorney, Washington

Mark Ryan Thiessen
You can't beat the value of advertising on Avvo. Just by being at the top of the search listings is a huge benefit. It's an invaluable resource in driving business to my practice. Additionally, what I think is wonderful about Avvo are the client reviews. It's more than just looking in a phone book and picking a name; you get to learn what type of person the lawyer is and how good they are at what they do.

Mark Thiessen, DUI Attorney, Texas

Scott Douglas Moore
Avvo, as a free service, is impressive and surprisingly robust. The full-service site is perhaps my most effective marketing tool for the cost involved. The set-up was painless and quick. And the results are remarkable. From Avvo Answers to the Legal Guides, Avvo has improved my presence on the web and spruced up our in-house web site. Go Avvo!

Scott Moore, DUI Lawyer, Michigan

Stephen Laurence Hoffman
Avvo is a great resource for an online presence for me as well as a great resource for potential clients. It is easy to use, contains much useful and diverse information, and is pleasing to the eye without being cluttered. I have been engaged by people who have found me on Avvo and have also resolved a difficult case for a client who found me via Avvo. Avvo is clearly leading the curve in legal marketing.

Stephen Hoffman, Personal Injury & Workers Comp. Attorney, Illinois

David H Nachman
With our new Avvo Blog, we’ve been able to supplement our website with cutting edge information on immigration law. We have since seen an increase in queries from potential clients about H-1B visas, L-1B intracompany visas and investor visas. Thanks Avvo!

David H. Nachman, Immigration Attorney, New Jersey

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Cassandra T Savoy
Avvo represents the best return on advertising dollars I have had in my twenty years of practice! I have gotten calls and have turned the calls into paying clients!

Cassandra Savoy, Divorce Attorney, New Jersey

Joseph C McDaniel
Advertising on Avvo has absolutely turned into more potential clients calling, coming in to talk, and hiring my firm. I'm delighted with the site, the service, the cost/benefit ratio and, the results.

Joseph McDaniel, Bankruptcy Attorney, Arizona

Okorie Okorocha
Avvo Pro is the most cost-effective marketing tool available to lawyers. The ability to customize my profile, showcase my talent and analyze performance is quite simply awesome, and the value it has driven for my business has been tremendous.

Okorie Okorocha, DUI Lawyer, California

Lee M Perlman
Avvo has been a valuable resource for my potential and existing clients to see colleague and client reviews and objectively compare our firm's experiences. I encourage all potential clients to take advantage of this comprehensive website.

Lee Perlman, Bankruptcy Attorney, New Jersey

Lawrence Eric Taylor
I know that we are getting clients from Avvo — both initial referrals and those who are researching us — and that I am confident that Avvo is in my opinion the most effective, trustworthy and valuable resource available to the public and the profession for locating an attorney.

Lawrence Taylor, Criminal Defense Attorney, California

Barry Benjamin Kreisler
Avvo has shown to be a brilliant online marketing resource for attorneys. It’s not only getting me in front of more potential clients but has improved my overall presence on the web.

Barry Benjamin Kreisler, Real Estate Lawyer, Illinois

Michael J Palumbo
I spend a modest amount of money and get verifiable leads and website traffic from Avvo. It’s well worth the money and I recommend using Avvo's services.

Michael Palumbo, Criminal Defense Lawyer, New York

Cheryl K. David
Two months after claiming my Avvo profile, answering a few questions and posting two legal guides, I had over 4,000 visits to my website. I am so impressed with Avvo!

Cheryl David, Estate Planning Attorney, North Carolina

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Joseph Briscoe Dane
As a solo practitioner just starting out after leaving the District Attorney's office, I started my practice from scratch. I designed my website, then looked for ways to increase my web presence and attract clients. I claimed my profile on Avvo very soon after opening my practice and began answering questions posted.

The response was almost immediate. Here were clients in my practice area and geographic area looking for legal advice and 99% of the time, to hire an attorney for their underlying situation. I truly have lost count of the number of clients that have retained me for their criminal matters from Avvo. Knowing what a phenomenal resource it is (and continues to be as Avvo grows by leaps and bounds), I took advantage of their advertising opportunities for the relevant practice areas. With the tracking features that come with the 'Pro' features, I can see the number of impressions, website visits and contacts Avvo generates. As of today as I write this, I have been seen over 100,000 times in the past 30 days. Between my profile, the ads, answers, legal guides and the Avvo directory itself, yesterday generated over 2,000 views. I don't think you can get that type of traffic from pay-per-click advertising or other marketing i programs.

Avvo will continue to be a part of my online presence and marketing. It's hard to argue with quantifiable results.

Joe Dane, Criminal Defense Attorney, California

Elizabeth Anne Padula
When avvo.com first went live, I immediately started to hear about it from other attorneys. I looked into it and correctly concluded that this site would become a very important marketing tool for attorneys. I immediately claimed and updated my profile. I was surprised when I started to have calls trickle in from just my profile. When people would say, 'I found you online,' I was confused because my office had not yet completed its website and we had no internet campaign in place. I soon learned that it was my minimal presence on Avvo that was generating the calls. Then I got a call from Avvo letting me know that they would be doing paid advertising spots. I jumped at the chance! Since then, we consistently get calls from Avvo. I have tried advertising with DEX, Yellow Pages, and the like. They all left me with a huge monthly bill and no calls. Comparatively, my monthly expense for Avvo was small and generating several potential client calls. Additionally, the quality of these calls was superior. I continue to gladly market with Avvo. It is working!

Lizanne Padula, Criminal Defense Attorney, Washington

Kelly Hope Zinser
I am a huge fan of Avvo as it has been a very important source of clients for me. When I first started my practice, most of my clients found me through Avvo. Now, I am getting clients from Avvo and those clients are referring more clients to me. By claiming my free Avvo profile, I also was featured in Orange County Metro's article on the Top Lawyers in Orange County — a great marketing tool for my practice. Although I have been a lawyer for years, I never imagined that I would be able to start my firm so quickly by harnessing the free advertising on Avvo and Avvo's reasonable paid advertising. I also have to add that I really like the quality of clients I get on Avvo — surprisingly, they are often better, more informed clients than the ones I get by referral! I really cannot say enough good things about Avvo. As a working mommy who wants to spend time with her family too, I am truly grateful that Avvo has allowed me to start my own law firm so quickly and efficiently. Thank you Avvo!

Kelly Zinser, Bankruptcy / Estate Planning Attorney, California

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