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Stand out in your community.

The Legal Q&A Forum is one of the most effective ways to reach your community. The more questions you answer, the more people see your legal mind in action.

  • Top Contributors are featured on all major pages of our website and, not surprisingly, are most often the top-viewed attorneys on Avvo.
  • Answering questions allows you to distinguish yourself in your practice area, as potential new clients are provided with a preview of the knowledge and experience you will bring to their case.

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Be part of the largest Q&A forum of legal professionals on the web.

Attorneys on Avvo have provided more than 2.5 million answers to consumer legal questions with a 96 percent answer rate, making Avvo’s legal Q&A forum the largest and most reliable on the web.

  • Search for questions by practice area and location. Select one and post your answer.
  • Set up email alerts to be notified of new questions, providing you with a continual stream of people interested in your practice area.

Put your legal knowledge in front of potential clients by answering their questions.

Answering questions posted by consumers opens a line of communication that often continues with these prospective clients in your office. It's an easy, effective, and free way to engage with those interested in your services.

  • Demonstrate your knowledge and experience to prospective clients, as well as your peers.
  • Display your Avvo answers on your own website with a quick copy-and-paste of code. See how

Increase your visibility and drive more contacts to your Avvo Profile.

Our Q&A forum is one of the most popular areas of our site, drawing millions of Avvo visitors. Because your name, photo, and a direct link to your profile appear with every answer you post, the Q&A forum offers another opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience for potential new clients.

  • Every posting also earns you Contributor Points, helping you on your way to becoming a "Top Contributor" in your practice area.
  • Search engine optimized for people using search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Earn contribution level points to top the leaderboard

Lawyers earn points to progress to higher levels by interacting with the Avvo community, and by using Avvo as a platform to demonstrate their legal knowledge to the public at large. Points are earned by contributing on forums and creating quality content on Avvo.com.

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Answering questions is simple and free.

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