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Legal Guides increase your exposure. The more relevant and insightful information you share, the more people will associate your legal knowledge with the solution they need.

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Share what you know.

Providing quality consumer-oriented Legal Guides is a great (free) way to establish yourself to potential clients and your peers as an authority in your area of specialty. You provide the legal know-how; we provide 2 easy-to-use templates: list-style and video. Guide topics can include FAQs, preventative legal advice and responses to legal news.

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Earn contributor points.

Every Legal Guide also earns you Contributor Points, on your way to being a "Top Contributor" for your practice area. Top Contributors are featured on all major pages of our website and, not surprisingly, are most often the top-viewed attorneys on Avvo.

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Your guides include a link to your profile, and can be found through search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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Earn extra contributor points with a staff pick.

Legal Guides that are designated as Avvo Staff Picks contain content that is a cut above the rest—original, useful, thorough, organized, easy-to-understand, and well-edited. Attorneys earn additional contributor points if their legal guides are chosen as a staff pick.

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Posting a Legal Guide is simple and free.

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