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Avvo Pro

Take your profile to the next level.

Your Avvo Profile represents your first opportunity to make an impression on prospective clients. Using the suite of tools offered by Avvo Pro gives you the opportunity to customize your profile and maximize its impact.

  • Create a personal introduction for each of your practice areas to capture the attention of potential clients.
  • Other lawyers' sponsored ads won't appear on your profile, keeping the focus on the services you can provide.

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Connect with clients through customization.

Turn your free Avvo Profile into a dynamic, fully-customized marketing tool. Using Avvo Pro allows you to personalize your profile, making it the first step towards generating new clients.

  • Spotlight two client reviews and two peer endorsements to display prominently on your profile, demonstrating your proven track-record.
  • Include a live feed to your blog posts on your Avvo profile, letting potential clients see your legal knowledge at work.
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Generate leads with enhanced contact options.

Avvo Pro allows you to choose how you want to be contacted, prominently displaying this info on your profile. You can also include a custom message with your contact info to begin reaching potential clients right away.

  • Potential clients will now see your contact information on your lawyer search results listing, putting you one step ahead other attorneys.
  • See who’s contacting you by phone, email, or visiting your website, and get tips on how to convert more profile visitors into client contacts.

Track your performance on Avvo with detailed reporting and analytics.

Avvo Pro provides you with data about how many people see you on Avvo, including how effectively your profile is driving contacts. With this data you can assess and track your performance across the site.

  • Get a 30-day breakdown of how many people saw your Avvo profile, your listing in search results, your contributions to Answers & Advice and Legal Guides, and any sponsored listings you purchased through Avvo Advertising.
  • See the percentage of Avvo users who saw one of your pages when searching for an attorney by your practice area and location.
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Get one month of Avvo Pro for FREE.

Take Avvo Pro for a test drive and see the difference it makes. At only $49.95 per month, Avvo Pro helps you set yourself apart from the rest and gets you more business.

Set yourself apart. Get more business.

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Establish your brand.

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