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Avvo Advertising

More Visibility. More Business.

As the premier destination on the web for people seeking legal services, Avvo advertising gets you greater exposure among the millions of Avvo visitors each month.

  • Targeted, low-cost advertising solutions put your services in front of those most likely to need them.
  • Sponsored listings and display ads appear across the site, getting you noticed by more potential clients every day.
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Smart, proven paid options to help you generate more leads and get more clients.

Avvo Advertising is targeted, measurable, and flexible, allowing you to focus your resources and maximize exposure to the prospective clients most likely to hire you.

  • Define who sees your ad based on practice area and geography to make sure you’re reaching the clients who need your services.
  • Receive detailed reporting to know how your ads are performing.
  • With no long-term contracts or set up fees, you’ll have increased flexibility with your marketing strategies.
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Sponsored listing

With their prominent location, sponsored listings are often the first thing potential clients see. Quickly and easily place your services in front of those in need of them.

  • Appearing across the site, including above lawyer search results, Q&A forum pages, Legal Guides and competitor profiles.
  • Easy-to-use so your ad will often go live within 24 hours.

Display ad

These big, colorful, eye-catching advertisements are featured on our most popular pages, placing your services in high-visibility areas of the page and in front of millions of potential clients.

  • Featured on our highest-traffic pages, including on lawyer search results, Q&A forum pages, Legal Guides and competitor profiles.
  • Easy-to-use design options allow you choose one of our customizable templates or submit your own design.
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Refer a friend

If you’re advertising on Avvo, you already know how Avvo helps great lawyers get more business. Help spread the word by recommending Avvo to a fellow lawyer and you’ll get credit for a free month of Avvo advertising, up to the monthly value of your friend’s ad.

Start generating more leads.

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