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  1. Union Gap Federal Crime Lawyer George Paul Trejo JR

    George Trejo

    Yakima, WA Federal Crime Lawyer
    Licensed for 24 years


  2. Union Gap Federal Crime Lawyer Kraig Gardner

    Kraig Gardner

    Yakima, WA Federal Crime Lawyer
    Licensed for 13 years


Federal Crime

The U.S. government, sometimes referred to as the “federal” government, has decided that a number of activities are criminal. These federal crimes are typically very serious and are tried in federal courts under special federal rules of procedure. Some examples of federal crimes include the use of biological weapons, acts of civil disorder, kidnapping, and racketeering, just to name a few. If you are accused of a federal crime, you should enlist the services of a federal crime lawyer who works with these federal laws and understands the federal courts and their procedures. This lawyer will be familiar not only with the elements of the crime you are charged with, but also with the defenses available to you.