Elder Law Lawyers

Why hire an Elder Law attorney?

An attorney who specializes in elder law will help an elderly or disabled family member or loved one arrange long-term healthcare and estate planning. Establishing a healthcare power of attorney and planning end-of-life decisions, such as do not resuscitate orders and beneficiaries of an estate, can all be done with help from an elder law attorney. An experienced elder law attorney will provide the services of writing a will, answering tax questions, and planning strategies for gaining disability and Social Security payments.

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Did You Know?

According to a report by the Schuyler Center, 56% of elder abuse victims identified family members as suspects. Eighteen percent cited a home care worker, while 24% identified a friend. Additionally, only one in seven power of attorney-related cases are prosecuted.
* Sources: http://www.scaany.org/resources/documents/ power_failures.pdf
  • Nursing home neglect and abuse


View Attorneys with experience in related areas

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Estate Planning

Estate is a legal term for your property and money. An estate planning attorney can help make sure that these assets are protected during your lifetime and that they are transferred after you die. Estate planning is a process best facilitated by an estate planning lawyer, as it involves a complex negotiation of people and assets as you address your future needs, should you become unable to care for yourself.

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If a serious accident, chronic illness, or dementia has afflicted a relative, you may need to consult with a guardianship attorney. A guardianship attorney will know how to advise on the incapacitated person’s physical care and financial affairs. Similarly, if a guardianship is needed to care for a child’s personal needs, a lawyer can step in for the planning of the welfare of the child, such as in cases involving custody issues during a divorce.

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Power of Attorney

When you sign a power of attorney, the document you sign is giving someone else the right to make legal decisions for you. The scope of the decision maker’s authority is defined by you, in terms of your finances or healthcare. You will want a durable, trustworthy document drafted by an experienced lawyer. Locate a highly-rated local attorney in our directory who can help you today.

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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse lawyers will work with nursing home residents and their families to combat the many forms of nursing home abuse. Contact an experienced nursing home abuse attorney who will know which social service agencies to which to report abuse. A lawyer can also have a court-appointed guardian make decisions in the resident’s best interests and get the resident into a safe living arrangement.