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  1. New York Divorce / Separation Lawyer Raul P. Meruelo

    Raul Meruelo

    New York, NY Divorce / Separation Lawyer
    Licensed for 33 years


  2. New York Divorce / Separation Lawyer Stephen Alphonse Cerrato Esq.

    Stephen Cerrato

    Yonkers, NY Divorce / Separation Lawyer
    Licensed for 12 years


Protection and Restraining Orders

In divorces involving domestic violence or abuse, protection or restraining orders may be involved to protect one spouse and any children involved from the threat of violence by the other party. Additionally, restaining orders can be used in divorces to prevent one party from improperly taking money from joint accounts. In addition to managing the details of the divorce, a divorce and restraining order attorney will help file the protective or restraining order. Conversely, if the spouse accused of physical or financial misconduct believes these charges are false, a divorce and restraining orders attorney can help fight those accusations in court.