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  1. West Brentwood Divorce / Separation Lawyer Christopher J. Chimeri

    Christopher Chimeri

    Hauppauge, NY Divorce / Separation Lawyer
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  2. West Brentwood Divorce / Separation Lawyer Ian S. Mednick

    Ian Mednick

    Ian S. Mednick, Esq. is an experienced and aggressive attorney in New York State,... more
    Licensed for 11 years


Divorce Modifications

The legal decisions made during a divorce are intended to permanently determine the responsibilities and obligations of each spouse after the marriage ends. However, these decrees, which include decisions on child care, spousal support, and the division of assets, can be modified through a court order if a judge determines changes should be made. The most common causes for modification include if one spouse's employment status changes--requiring more or less spousal support--or the changing needs of the children suggest a need to revisit child custody or support. Divorce modification attorneys will have experience advocating for or against these changes to the divorce decree, such as modifications to child custody, spousal support, child support, or visitation rights. Because a judge determines whether or not a modification is warranted, a family law lawyer with experience in divorce modification will be able to present the case in court to reach the best possible outcome.