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  1. National City Debt Settlement Attorney Richard Ei Chang

    Richard Chang

    San Diego, CA Debt Settlement Attorney
    Licensed for 19 years
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  2. National City Debt Settlement Attorney John Charles Tolla

    John Tolla

    John Tolla is a contractattorney who works in a consultative role on many complex commerical restructuring cases. He specializes in commercial debt instruments andis most effective... more
    Licensed for 8 years - $200-$250/hour


  3. National City Debt Settlement Attorney William Francis McDonald

    William McDonald

    San Diego, CA Debt Settlement Attorney
    Licensed for 13 years
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Debt Settlement

If you owe a large amount of money on unsecured debts, you may require the services of a debt settlement lawyer. Unsecured debts include medical bills, student loans, credit cards, store and gas cards, personal loans, collection accounts, and bounced checks. For these sorts of debts, lenders will usually accept less than the full amount if it's clear you don't have the money to pay them (especially if the original amount has continued to grow with interest, late charges, and collection costs). A debt settlement attorney can negotiate with the lender and objectively present the facts in your case. Oftentimes, unsecured debt lenders would rather settle with you than take a chance on getting nothing if you file for bankruptcy. If the negotiation is successful, the creditor may even be convinced to take the settled debt off your credit history.