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  1. Kennesaw Debt / Lending Agreements Lawyer Richard F Marr Jr

    Richard Marr

    Rich has been a corporate attorney for approximately 10 years and has an additional 10 years of experience in management and information technology consulting. Rich leverages his past... more
    Licensed for 10 years - $350-$450/hour


  2. Kennesaw Debt / Lending Agreements Lawyer James Dobb Haley

    James Haley

    Acworth, GA Debt / Lending Agreements Lawyer
    Licensed for 23 years


Debt & Lending Agreements

When you buy something on credit, you borrow the money from a lender and put yourself in debt. The paperwork documenting this transaction is a debt/lending agreement. For example, simple debt / lending agreements are used to finance RV or boat purchases. More complicated debt / lending agreements for commercial business operations may include complex credit agreements, promissory notes, security and guarantee agreements, subordination or inter-creditor agreements, patent or trademark collateral security agreements, assignment and assumption agreements, hazardous substance indemnity agreements, mortgage agreements, and accounts receivable letters. When substantial amounts of money are involved, you'll want to use a business attorney with experience in negotiating and drafting debt and lending agreements.