Debt Collection Lawyers

Why hire a Debt Collection attorney?

If you have sued someone successfully and still are awaiting payment, you may require the services of a debt collection attorney. There are different debt collection regulations and procedures that a debt collection lawyer can use to most effectively get your money. Generally, debt collection attorneys work for a percentage of the amount owed and receive payment once you collect what you're owed.

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Did You Know?

Debt collection
According to WebRecon, a record breaking 12,000 debt collection lawsuits are expected to be filed in 2010, up from 9,300 in 2009 and 4,400 in 2007.
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If you have personal or professional debts that you are unable to pay, you may want to start researching established bankruptcy attorneys. Even if think you cannot afford the services of a bankruptcy attorney, in the long run a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer will be able to save you from wage garnishments, repossession of your car, or even foreclosure against your home.

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Credit Repair

Poor credit can be the result of various factors such as unemployment, illness, divorce, or death in the family. If these kinds of unforeseen life events have lead to financial issues, you will want to take steps to stop your credit from falling into worse shape and having further problems. A credit repair lawyer can work with you on a plan that includes the steps you can take to increase your credit rating and recover from bankruptcy, defaulted loans, or late payments.

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Debt Settlement

When you owe a large sum of money on unsecured debts, lenders will usually accept less than the full amount if it is apparent you are unable to repay your debts. Debt settlement lawyers will work with you and your unsecured debts from credit cards, student loans, and medical bills to negotiate with a lender and minimize the amount of debt you owe. If the negotiation is successful, the creditor may even take the settled debt off your credit history.

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Debt Agreements

When you buy something on credit, you borrow money from a lender and put yourself in debt in a debt/lending agreement. This type of agreement could be for commercial business operations, patent collateral security agreements, or simply financing a home. When a considerable amount of money is involved, you will want to invest in a business attorney with experience in negotiating debt and lending agreements.