Criminal Defense Lawyers

Why hire a Criminal Defense attorney?

A competent criminal defense lawyer can negotiate a plea bargain, prepare your case for trial, and craft the best strategy for your defense. If you're facing a criminal charge, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to help you understand the nature of the charges filed, any available defenses, plea bargain deals, and the consequences a criminal conviction will mean for you.

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Criminal defense
For the last decade, cases involving immigration, drugs, fraud, or firearms have been the most common federal criminal cases and make up the vast majority of federal felonies and Class A misdemeanors. In fiscal year 2012, these crimes accounted for 82.7 percent of all cases reported to the Commission.
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If you've been arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should hire a DUI (driving under the influence) lawyer ASAP. A DUI conviction is a criminal conviction that goes on your record and has serious consequences such as losing your driving privileges and jail time. However, an experienced DUI attorney can often get the charges dropped or reduced, or may be able to negotiate lesser penalties depending on your circumstances and your past history.

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Speeding Ticket

Getting out of a traffic ticket, especially a speeding ticket, is very difficult without the services of a traffic ticket lawyer (sometimes called a speeding ticket lawyer) to help you through traffic court. Traffic ticket lawyers know which people to talk to at court, the kind of deals they can make, and the specific types of proof the police officer must submit to the court.

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Violent Crime

The penalties for violent crimes are stiff; conviction almost always carries substantial jail time. If you are accused of a violent crime, you need an attorney with experience defending people charged with that same crime. A violent crime attorney will know how to defend you based on the facts and circumstances of your situation. The lawyer will offer a recommendation on how you should proceed based on his or her evaluation of the government's case and the terms of a plea bargain.

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Domestic Violence

You should contact an experienced domestic violence (DV) lawyer if you've been accused of domestic violence. A good domestic violence lawyer can defend you against a false accusation of domestic violence, which might put you at a disadvantage in divorce or child custody negotiations.