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  1. Englewood Copyright Application Attorney Ian Lawrence Saffer

    Ian Saffer

    Littleton, CO Copyright Application Attorney
    Licensed for 19 years
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  2. Englewood Copyright Application Attorney Aaron C. Israels

    Aaron Israels

    I am a Plaintiff's attorney - I sue banks, investment brokerage firms and insurance companies on behave of those who have been injured by their conduct or by the conduct of their... more
    Licensed for 8 years - Contingent (33%-40%)


  3. Englewood Copyright Application Attorney Cathay Yvette Nikka Smith

    Cathay Smith

    Denver, CO Copyright Application Attorney
    Licensed for 9 years
    Not yet reviewed

Copyright Application

When you work hard to create unique ideas—whether they are in the form of a song or software code—a copyright prosecution attorney can help you protect them (and maybe even earn money from them) by copyrighting your material. Copyright application attorneys know the process involved in creating a new copyright and can advise you about the need for notice of your copyright claim and what form to use, and whether you should formally register your copyright. Copyright is the best protection your unique ideas can get and it pays to be thorough.