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  1. Baltimore Computer Fraud Lawyer Anne T Mckenna

    Anne Mckenna

    Baltimore, MD Computer Fraud Lawyer
    Licensed for 20 years
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  2. Baltimore Computer Fraud Lawyer Dondi Sanchez West

    Dondi West

    Dondi West counsels and represents clients on matters related to Technology, Business, Cybersecurity and National Security Affairs. Dondi brings over 10 years of experience to the... more
    Licensed for 4 years - $250-$400/hour


Computer Fraud

If your computer has been a criminal target, or if a thief uses your computer as a tool to commit a crime without your knowledge, you may benefit from the services of a computer fraud attorney. Computer fraud occurs when a person gains unauthorized access to your computer, or interferes with information stored or displayed on your computer. It can also occur when someone stops your computer from working properly, or when someone uses your computer data to steal information. Examples of computer fraud crimes include theft, blackmail, forgery, embezzlement, cyber-stalking, and distribution of child pornography. Computer fraud lawyers will know the information you need to protect yourself from becoming a victim, or to stop being a victim if you have already become one.