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  1. North Ridgeville Class Action Attorney Kevin Edward McDermott

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  2. North Ridgeville Class Action Attorney Anthony Rocco Pecora

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Class Action

A class action lawsuit is a particular kind of litigation, used when a large number of people have the same problem with a company's product or activities. Many companies have had class action lawsuits filed against them, including Apple Computer, Farmers Insurance, Burger King, LP Siding, Microsoft, and Coppertone. Class action lawsuits are also filed against companies for product defects that could potentially hurt anyone buying their products. Asbestos and tobacco class action claims are examples, as are the drug class action cases against the manufacturers of Accutane, Celebrex, Ephedra, Vioxx, and Paxil. Class action attorneys can discuss the pros and cons of a class action lawsuit with you if you think one may be appropriate. Class action lawyers are usually paid on contingency, which means they receive a percentage of the money paid if you win the lawsuit.