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Why hire a Civil Rights attorney?

If someone has violated your civil rights by discriminating against you, it may be time to contact a civil rights attorney. Federal and state constitutions and discrimination laws define the extent of your civil rights. Law firms specializing in civil rights know how to protect the rights of a person who is singled out at work or in public based on gender, age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, for example. Your civil rights lawyers will advise you on whether you have a case.

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Between 1990-2006, employment discrimination accounted for about half of all civil rights filings in U.S. district courts.
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Constitutional attorneys help enforce and interpret constitutional laws. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are some of the basic constitutional rights afforded to you, and if someone has violated your rights, your lawyer will work to defend the freedoms entitled to you as a citizen of the United States. A constitutional attorney will take on controversial causes to pursue justice for you and defend your constitutional rights.

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Privacy laws are meant to protect a citizen's personal information from the government or a company. A privacy attorney will make sure that other entities are following the law’s limitations on how they collect information about you. Your social security information, medical records, and credit history are all part of your private information and a privacy attorney will see that they stay private.

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Discrimination occurs when a workplace, school, or business singles out or treats a person differently based on personal beliefs or the way he or she looks or acts. A discrimination lawyer may be needed if you have experienced discrimination because of your nationality, height, weight, disability, age, or religion, among other traits. There is legal recourse for you, and discrimination attorneys will examine your case to make sure you are treated fairly according to the law.

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Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment attorney will help you if you have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances in a work environment. If a coworker is sexually harassing you or you have been in a situation where you endured sexual advances from a superior or risked being fired, you should contact a sexual harassment lawyer. A sexual harassment attorney will work to resolve your situation while supporting your physical and emotional well-being.