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  1. Clairton Child Support Lawyer Chris Alexander Stachtiaris

    Chris Stachtiaris

    Attorney Stachtiaris represents clients in both the Collaborative and Litigation... more
    Licensed for 15 years - $100-$250/hour


  2. Clairton Child Support Lawyer Caroline L. Vodzak

    Caroline Vodzak

    Caroline Vodzak is the owner and principal attorney of Vodzak Law. She maintains a... more
    Licensed for 13 years


  3. Clairton Child Support Lawyer Jeffrey Joel Jacobs

    Jeffrey Jacobs

    Mckeesport, PA Child Support Lawyer
    Licensed for 27 years
    Not yet reviewed


  4. Clairton Child Support Lawyer Pamela Lynne Roudebush

    Pamela Roudebush

    Pamela Lynne Roudebush is an attorney practicing in the Allegheny and Westmoreland... more
    Licensed for 10 years
    Not yet reviewed


Child Support

If you are a parent and you divorce, the parent the child lives with often receives money (child support) from the parent no longer living with the child. Unlike alimony, which is paid to maintain an ex-spouse's lifestyle, child support pays for the child's physical, emotional, and educational needs. A child support lawyer can help parents negotiate and calculate child support, either by agreement or in court. While national guidelines to calculate child support amounts exist, you or the judge may choose to calculate the amount based on your income and the child's needs. If you believe you are not the father of a child and want to contest a child support claim, a child support lawyer can also help you determine paternity. A child support lawyer can be useful during negotiations to help objectively determine the most appropriate amount of child support for your situation and protect against paternity fraud.