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I felt very comfortable having Scott as my lawyer! He took his position very serious. I don't think I... more
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Scott Sigman

Philadelphia, PA Litigation
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Having had past experience with Dennis Abrams in another law suit, I was very pleased this time to have the... more
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Dennis Abrams

Philadelphia, PA Medical Malpractice
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I hired Nadum at the recommendation of a trusted friend. I could not be happier with the outcome. Nadum was... more
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. Nadum

Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense
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Sure I could have gotten a divorce from a local lawyer or court house, but the convenience of getting a very... more
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James Cairns

Philadelphia, PA Uncontested Divorce
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OMG......excellent lawyer! It was definitely a wonderful experience having him as my lawyer. I would 100 %... more
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Adam Solow

Philadelphia, PA Immigration
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My son was facing serious legal consequences for felonies he had committed to support his addiction. He was... more
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Daniel McGarrigle

Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense
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Hello Mr . Alfonso Thank you so much for responding me back last week when I asked some question and you... more
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Alfonso Gambone

Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense
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I just want to start out by saying “thank God for google.” Because google is where I found Chad Boonswang’s... more
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Chad Boonswang

Philadelphia, PA Insurance
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In February 2010, Philadelphia's Lower Merion School District was sued for allegedly spying on students using the webcams in school-issued laptops.

The suit alleged that school officials had taken hundreds of webcam images from the laptop of Blake Robbins, a high school junior - including one while he was sleeping.

After an 8-month court battle, the Lower Merion School District settled for $610,000.