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I had saw his ad from some ad, I was dealing with divorce and wanted to give him a try I had paid him 1500... more
Brooklyn  Darius Adam Marzec

Darius Marzec

New York, NY Child Support
Avvo rating No concern
We are in another state. Paid Marzec $2,500 to represent us because we couldn't travel. He claimed the fee... more
Brooklyn  Darius Adam Marzec

Darius Marzec

New York, NY Child Support
Avvo rating No concern
Mr. Gursoy is an extreme knowledgeable attorney who handles his cases with a lot of confidence.  Having had a... more
Brooklyn  Umit Mike Gursoy

Umit Gursoy

Brooklyn, NY Immigration
Avvo rating 8.7
Bruce Provda does not know a thing about divorce law. He provides inaccurate and damaging advise regarding... more
Brooklyn  Bruce Provda

Bruce Provda

New York, NY Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating 10.0
he did nothing for me...except take my money....he just showed up a winged it..he did not look into my case,,... more
Brooklyn  Joseph Mure Jr

Joseph Mure

Brooklyn, NY Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.8
I retained Mr. Kleyman to assist me with a real estate transaction and found him to be the utmost... more
Brooklyn  Alex Kleyman

Alex Kleyman

Brooklyn, NY Business
Avvo rating 7.5
Extremely unprofessional during one of our last court dates she was on a conference call and totally... more
Brooklyn  Etta Ibok

Etta Ibok

Brooklyn, NY Child Custody
Avvo rating 6.7
I retained this lawyer to help me with a landlord issue but paid $600 for no result. The response he gave me... more
Brooklyn  Jaime Lathrop

Jaime Lathrop

Brooklyn, NY Litigation
Avvo rating 10.0


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Brooklyn is a bastion of strong historical figures and abolitionists from the 19th century.

The history of Brooklyn as a diverse city began in 1790 where about 1/3 of the people in Kings County (which later became known as Brooklyn) were black slaves. By 1827, many of the slaves were freed and a recession a decade later allowed the former slaves to buy land. While Brooklyn was built on sugar, cotton, and tobacco, all principally supported by the slave business, the city has grown past this sordid past.

An exhibition on Brooklyn Abolitionists exists in the city and brings light to the efforts of influential abolitionists of the past. Elizabeth Gloucester, for one, was a black abolitionist who invested in real estate in Brooklyn and died one of the wealthiest women in the US.

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