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Why hire a Business attorney?

A business lawyer will advise you on many different aspects relating to business, such as regulation compliance, business incorporation, and legal liability. The sooner you retain a business attorney, the better. Your lawyer will make sure that you set up your business properly, create contracts for you, make sure you're hiring legal workers, file patents, buy and sell businesses, and more.

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Did You Know?

Legal woes cost small businesses more than $100 billion a year. One out of every three small-business owners has either been sued or been threatened with a lawsuit.
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  • Avoiding Liability Risk As a Small Business by Applying I.C.E.


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Contracts agreements@2x a11ce208264455f99866220dd50c971271dfe0dabd4cf42e78e57c98352ce59a


Starting a business means setting up a lot of legal agreements such as securing a financial loan, hiring employees, and more. Contract lawyers know the correct contract formats and legal terms to protect and enhance your rights in case things don't go as planned. If you want to draw up a legal agreement, if you're wondering if you can get out of a contract that's gone bad, or if you believe that someone has not lived up to the terms of a contract, you should consult a contract lawyer.

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Franchise law applies to franchisers like McDonald's that allow you to buy and operate a business using the franchise trademarks, name, and business methods. A franchise lawyer will make sure the franchiser treats you fairly and doesn't take advantage of you. Franchises can be expensive, so hire a lawyer to protect yourself and your investment. If you are considering franchising your business, a franchise lawyer can also educate you on what that entails and the costs versus benefits of doing so.

Limited liability company llc@2x 610ee3e260bfb4a73e903671350d0050251e06090842fad92d79101056abd343


Creating a limited liability company, or LLC, is one of several ways to structure a business. Shareholders in an LLC are not personally liable for any of the debts of the company, other than for the money they invested in that company. A lawyer with LLC experience can help you determine if forming an LLC is the right choice for your business. If you decide to form an LLC, your attorney can draft the paperwork you need to formalize your choice.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

If you're thinking of buying, selling, or merging your company, you probably want to hire a mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Mergers and acquisitions attorneys understand business law, are often trained negotiators, and will be able to draft detailed agreements describing the new relationship.