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Why hire a Chapter 13 attorney?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will help you file a repayment plan to your creditors so that you can keep your property and have your debts discharged. Contact a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer to see if you are qualified to file for bankruptcy. Your attorney will tell you whether your secured debts (such as a mortgage or car loan) and unsecured debts (such as a medical or credit card bill) meet the amount of debt eligible to file.

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Did You Know?

Bankruptcy chapter13
Nationally, only one third of all chapter 13 filings reach a successful discharge. Hire an attorney to give yourself the best chance at success.
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A bankruptcy lawyer will help you file for bankruptcy protection, putting all other legal actions against you on hold. With the help of a skilled debt attorney, your creditors will not sue you, garnish your wages, repossess your car, or continue with a foreclosure on your home. You should see a bankruptcy attorney to make sure the benefits of filing for your particular Chapter will be advantageous to your situation.

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Chapter 7

If your debts are overwhelming and you cannot see a way to pay them back in a sufficient amount of time, you should contact a trained Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. A typical case will be opened and closed within six months and you can come out debt free except for a mortgage, car payments, or debts such as student loans. With a skilled lawyer you will keep your property even after filing for Chapter 7.

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Chapter 11

A proven Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney will aid your business in negotiating with debtors for later repayment due dates or even reducing debts. Filing for Chapter 11 will help you restructure or cut down on debts and continue to run your business. A Chapter 11 lawyer will navigate the court system and your debt situation so that you are aware of the legal consequences of filing under Chapter 11 and whether it is the best fit for your situation.

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Debt Collection

When you are owed money from a successful lawsuit but the opposing party has still not paid, a debt collection attorney will help you as an individual or as a business to deal with a delinquent account. Your time and resources are valuable, so you will want to select an experienced professional to help you collect your money.