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Veronica L. Jarnagin

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Practical.  Professional.  Personal Service.  


If you ask my clients and colleagues, these are my hallmarks.  I have always believed that many times the client is best served by practicality at least as much as technical legal issues and their consequences.  Yes, you can sue for this or that, yes you can try to include and fortify against every possible issue, claim or contingency in a contract; but there are PRACTICAL limits.  And, sometimes, it's just good business do take alternative action rather than the most legally-protected action.  Yes, I can prepare an estate plan that takes into account only today's situation with your family and finances and apply the tax and other legal concerns that are in place today.  OR, I can give you one that will be flexible for tax and family changes for years to come.


At the same time, while many firms achieve efficiency by processing form documents, your situation is completely different from your neighbor's or your brother-in-law's.  This is YOUR life and livelihood and business's and/or family's future; so "filling in the blanks" is inappropriate.  


So I listen, and prod some questions and potential concerns from you; and then I advise and draft the appropriate contract or estate plan tailored to YOUR circumstances and your family's current or potential issues.  You will not be "processed" by a paralegal or a document system.  


Integrity is my utmost responsibility to you.  And, if I handle a dispute for you, I will hold opposing counsel to professional ethical standards, too.  


But I have a good humor, too.  Heck, my "high-rise office" is a Tree House!


I hope you will call me when you need legal advice regarding business, estate planning/administration, adoption or guardianship matters.  Below are some representative projects that I have handled in the past 6 months:



Estate Planning; Guardianships; Probate Administration; Adoptions;


Advise Fiduciary re: out-of-state real property and business interests, annuity, trust administration; and negotiate settlement of co-fiduciaries' duties under Trust terms;


Negotiate settlement of dispute involving participant's qualified retirement account;


Negotiate and Draft private viatical (life insurance) settlement and alternatives thereto;


Prepare and complete merger of two S-corporations;


Charitable gift of antiquities to a university library; Sale of other antiquities


Draft Master Service Agreement and Service Attachments thereto for I.T. service firm;


Negotiate and Draft private viatical (life insurance) settlement and alternatives thereto;


Defend contract dispute;  negotiate settlements of services agreement disputes;


Draft Services Agreements for Web Design and Hosting Company;


Business Succession Planning for owner of construction services firm and Redemption of non-employee shareholders in preparation for same;


Phantom Share Plan for key employees