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Scott A Macleod

About Scott Macleod

About me


Scott A. Mac Leod has been an advocate, officer of the court, and attorney in the Maricopa County Justice System for over a combination of ten years. During this span, Scott has dedicated his professional life to ensuring the rights of the indigent, the disabled and clients who deserve another chance.


In 1997, Scott graduated from Arizona State University and was a member of the English National Honor Society. Shortly after graduation, Scott joined the Maricopa County Adult Probation Office where he was promoted to an Adult Probation Officer II. During his tenure with the Probation Department, Scott authored presentence reports to the Maricopa County Superior Court and supervised a caseload of over seventy adult felony offenders. While working as a full-time probation officer, Scott also worked on a master’s degree in Education in Criminal Justice with Northern Arizona University, which he completed in 2001.


With a deeply entrenched desire to help the community, Scott gained employment at the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office as a mitigation specialist. While entrusted with providing written and oral reports to the Maricopa County Superior Court, Scott was once again promoted; in 2003 Scott began working as a Capital Case (death penalty) mitigation specialist. For over five years, Scott advocated on behalf of clients charged with crimes ranging from simple drug possession to first degree homicide. Similar to his time spent at the Probation Department, Scott furthered his educational desires by attending evening classes at the Phoenix School of Law (P.S.L.). In 2008, Scott graduated from P.S.L. Although his accomplishments in law school are numerous, it should be noted that Scott was the winner of the Phoenix School of Law’s 2007 school-wide, appellate competition and he was the first student in P.S.L.’s history to author and submit a brief to the Arizona Court of Appeals.

Scott’s involvement and enthusiasm for the law continued after his graduation.


While employed as a full-time associate attorney at a firm in the West Valley, Scott represented dozens of clients charged with crimes such as: DUI, Aggravated DUI, Burglary and a host of other felony charges. Scott is also licensed to practice in Federal Court and has counseled clients on the intricacies of filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. In addition, Scott has represented clients in family law proceedings and is well versed in family matters such as child support calculation and parenting time requirements. Scott’s accomplishments in court include, but are not limited to efficacious dismissal of criminal charges, successful Motions to Set Aside Judgment and mitigated sentencing decisions.


Since, 2009 Scott has worked as an assistant professor with the Apollo Group (the University of Phoenix and Western International University) by teaching “on-ground” classes in criminal justice and ethics. Recently, Scott was hired by the Gila River Indian Community to act as a hearing officer and preside over disputes between former employees and the Community.

Scott has been an Arizona resident for over thirty years and is well-established family man who currently resides in the East Valley.


Scott A. Mac Leod, M.Ed., J.D., Managing Attorney, AZ Office. AZ Bar: 028130. Admitted to practice law only in Arizona. Practice in other jurisdictions is limited to Federal law consistent with the rules of professional conduct of the jurisdiction.