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Kelly W. Case

About Kelly Case

About me

I am a Board Certified Criminal Lawyer with over 19 years experience in winning trials and I am focused on defending those accused of crimes and in matters of trial. I have represented numerous people especially those holding professional licenses such as pilots, physicians and lawyers. As a former prosecutor, I have been on both sides of the table and know what it takes to negotiate with the government.


I frequently teach at legal seminars due to my vast experience in trying cases at all levels of State and Federal Courts.


Call me when a plea is not an option.


I hold a black belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido. I bring that same intensity and focus to bear in the courtroom which has led to great success in defending my clients. I thoroughly beleive in using the latest technology and experts to assist me in trying cases and make a point of leaving no stone unturned in defending my clients as aggressively as possible. I am a former assistant distirct attorney and  was responsible for training new assistant district attorneys how to prepare and try thier cases while Chief of the Misdemeanor section. I have been defending accused citizens for the past 19 years and at last count have defended almost one thousand accused citizens.


I am frequently in trial and travel all over the state of Texas trying cases and representing those people finding themselves accused of any level of crime.

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