Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. S.C.

Joseph D. Lento

Case Conclusion Date:April 22, 2013

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:Nolle Prossed

Description:My client was charged with firing a handgun into a neighbor's house because of a alleged dispute. Despite the conflicting statements provided by the two complaining witnesses who resided in the house, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office [DAO] vigorously prosecuted the case. The DAO filed a 404(b) "Prior Bad Acts" motion because my client, on an earlier occasion, had been accused of using a firearm to settle an unrelated dispute with a different neighbor. I won this hard-fought motion which seriously weakened the case against my client. Ultimately, through my dedicated efforts, I was able to get the DAO to realize that the complaining witnesses were lying. As a result, the DAO withdrew the case against my client.