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  • My daughter's past shoplifting in present trial

    My daughter was recently caught shoplifting at target for about $100 worth of merchandise. She is an adult (over the age of 18) so they gave her a summons and an arraignment date. She came to me and said that she is extremely worried because she a...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Unless they caught her stealing in the earlier cases, it is unlikely they will start reviewing everything they've recorded for however far back the tapes go. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. That being said, you should not post any additional information online. Anything your daughter has told you can be used against her and this is a public forum. I'm sure you don't want to do anything to hurt your daughter and telling all of cyberspace she got away with committing a crime in the past could easily hurt her.

    Your daughter needs a local lawyer who can tell her what is a realistic expectation for her case. It sounds like you're already on the right track with that. Good luck.

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  • What happens to me

    My husband Abused me 3 times and the final time I pressed charges on him. He is saying I lied about it and I don't have enough evidence for this time but from the first time I have pictures of where he busted my lip open. If they don't find enough...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Your husband is just trying to scare you. If he decides to plead not guilty, all that means is he is demanding the Commonwealth prove the case against him. It's got nothing to do with your honesty.

    Your testimony is evidence, even if there are no pictures of any injuries. Legally, an assault does not require an actual physical injury. A fake punch is an assault. An unwanted touch, no matter how slight, is a battery.

    In order for your husband to be convicted, the Commonwealth has to prove the case against him beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a very high burden and one which is not always met in every case. If it is not met in your case and your husband is found not guilty, that does not mean you've committed a crime, just that there was not enough evidence to prove his crime.

    Pictures from any prior assaults are unlikely to be acceptable for this case, but save them. They may be relevant for a protective order and for a divorce if you choose to pursue those options.

    Unless you lied to the police officer who investigated your case, you don't need to be afraid of any charges coming against you.

    It sounds like your husband is a dangerous guy for you to have in your life. You may want to get a protective order and ask the victim witness office to help you while the criminal case is pending.

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  • I am a felon.i was driving the car me an my wife share fm.atlanta g.a back home to v.a an was pulled ova an searched

    Searched an a weapon was found in the trunk in its case under a bundle of clothes .I picked the car up from the repair shop an went on the road had been gone a month never thought about any weapon bcuz the first case was in plain view empty while ...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    You need a lawyer as soon as possible. There is a mandatory prison sentence for this type of charge. It sounds like there may be a couple of possibilities for a viable defense, but it's really not something a person who is not trained in law and proper procedure should do on his own.

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  • I'm supposed to enter my plea for a possession of stolen property w/intent. Will I be sentenced that day ?

    I want to know will I be sentenced that day or will I have another court date?

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Most felony guilty pleas have a sentencing hearing on a separate day. However, it sometimes happens that there is an agreement to proceed to sentencing on the same day. That is most common when there is an agreement to recommend a specific sentence.

    If this is for felony possession of stolen property (more than $200 worth of stuff), you should have a lawyer. helping you in court. Ask that person to review the plea agreement with you again and what the process will be like before you plead, even if it is in the courthouse hallway.

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  • Can a judge suspend asap if the charge is over 4 years old and Ive spent 4 years in prison?

    Offense date June 8,2011

    Jennifer’s Answer

    The short answer is to say no. DMV will not reinstate your license if ASAP doesn't agree you've done enough and a general district court does not have jurisdiction to change its 4 year old decision to make a finding of good cause to waive ASAP. The deadline for that ran out a long time ago.

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  • If I see my motorcycle being stolen from my apartment complex, Is there any allowable use of force to stop them within the law?

    I have already had one motorcycle stolen and now have a new one. I have a security system and GPS tracking. I know roughly what times and days they are committing these crimes (I have a lot of friends who have also had property stolen) and plan on...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    It would be better for your physical safety to pass the information along to the police so they can set up surveillance than for you to confront the thieves yourself. If they are stealing cars/motorcycles from your area on a regular basis, they are not harmless joyriders. You don't know how they will react. If the police choose not to set up surveillance based on your tip, your video may help get the thieves arrested and prosecuted later.

    As my colleague mentioned, you can take REASONABLE steps to protect your property, but whether your actions are reasonable would be determined later, possibly in court after you've been arrested if the police don't like what happens as a result of the confrontation.

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  • What would be the best result for a first time offender of failure to stop Fel>1000. Noone was injured but apparently the

    Felony5 is protocol. I don't want a suspension of my license and obviously want the charge reduced. Do I have a chance? Thank-you Jason

    Jennifer’s Answer

    This is a serious charge, and one that comes with suspension of your license if you are convicted. It could also mean prison, an expensive fine, and a felon label for you to wear for the rest of your life. Depending on a number of factors which you shouldn't discuss in this public forum, it may or may not be reasonable to hope for a lesser charge or even a dismissal. You need to speak with an attorney in a confidential setting as soon as possible so that person can begin preparing your defense.

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  • Can the judge go back and add on to my probation after we both signed?

    In court, part of the sentence the judge imposed was drug evaluation (for throwing an empty water bottle at a guy in another car). He forgot to put it on the probation papers, and he signed it and then I signed it. He went back later and added i...

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Orders are supposed to reflect what happened in court. If the order in your case did not reflect what the judge actually said, it may have been legally possible for the judge to correct it. It depends on the specific circumstances. You should ask the lawyer who handled your case whether this is something you should object to.

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  • I was put on probation with vasap , I completed community service & paid most fines, vasap violated me for missing a class?

    I wanna know what can happen tommorow when I go back to court for my deferred disposition, I completed all of but like 15 hours out of 100 for community service being that vasap sent me a letter saying they was taking me back to court, I did eve...

    Jennifer’s Answer

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    If the judge is considering jail time, you will have an opportunity to be interviewed for a court-appointed attorney. If the judge is waiving jail time, the only lawyer you will be able to have is one you bring to court with you.

    The judge has several options: (1) he can give you more time to get everything done that you were supposed to do without any further punishment; (2) he can impose some of the previously suspended jail time as punishment for not getting everything done on time and still extend your probation for you to finish; (3) he can find you noncompliant with VASAP and close out your case with no further action or just a fine; or (4) he can find you noncompliant with VASAP, impose the full suspended sentence (jail and fine) and close out your case.

    Being found noncompliant with VASAP ends your court obligations, but also leaves you ineligible to have your driver's license restored until you later re-take the VASAP class and convince them you are not a danger on the road.

    Fortunately, the judge cannot put you in jail unless you have first been advised of your right to have a lawyer. If the case starts going down that road, the correct response is "I want to have a court-appointed lawyer.)

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  • Hi dis my 2nd time getting caught driving on ah suspended license... Do u think they will lock me Up?

    Even if dididn't pay on my old fines will they lock me Up?

    Jennifer’s Answer

    Many 2nd offense driving while suspended or revoked result in some jail time, especially if it is DUI related. The best thing you can do to help yourself is get your license reinstated and get a lawyer to help you in court.

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