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  • Filing I-130 for my brother

    Hello Everyone , I am filing i-130 for my brother , in my birth certificate and my brother's birth certificate our parents name are same but in my brother's passport my parents name have Bhai and Ben add behind their name which very common custom...

    F.’s Answer

    This should not be a problem ... in 12+ years when he will be processed for an immigrant visa.

    As for the I-130 .. use the birth certificate names .. there is another area for 'other names' used.

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  • Can an F1 visa holder rent his car through peer-2-peer car rental apps?

    Example app is relay rides

    F.’s Answer

    No .... no .... no ... 100 times no ... this is unauthorized self-employment WORK.

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  • I am F1 Student planning to transfer to other univ. Should my spouse wait for new I -20 or apply for F2 based on current I -20.

    I am a F1 Student studying 1st Semester at X Univ. and I am planning to transfer & study at Y Univ. from next Semester. My wife is planning to apply for F2 Visa. So can she go ahead & apply based on I 20 received at X Univ. or should she wait unti...

    F.’s Answer

    Sorry, we don't have enough information.

    Such as where your wife is, if in the US, what her visa status is, and what the foreign student adviser at Y Univ. told you.

    Please share this info and maybe we can give you suggestions on how you might want to proceed.

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  • How can I provide a birth certificate and the police character certificate for my grandfather who was born in undivided India?

    My grandfather is 96 years old. He was born in undivided India. I am working on his DS260. Now, he lives in Pakistan. For his birth certificate I am going to use his high school certificate with the explanation. However, does any know how to get t...

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    Read the information on these two pages .. it should give you helpful guidance

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  • Can you avoid an ICE HOLD, if you have a U.S citizen wife and 2 kids? And with a Domestic violence charge back in 1995?

    I would like to know if there's a way u can stop a deportation if u have been in common law for 14 years? With a U.S Citizen and also have 2 kids born here. But also have a previous conviction of Domestic violence that happen in 1995? Would that...

    F.’s Answer

    There is no such thing as common law marriage in most of the US.

    Nor does having US citizen children under 21 help a case.

    And, unfortunately, a domestic violence conviction is a serious, possibly unforgivable problem.

    Hire a lawyer .. hire a lawyer ... hire a lawyer tomorrow.

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  • How do i get a i-601 wavier

    My mother had an appointment for her visa in juarez mexico we went and they said she needs a wavier of forgiveness and the lawyer never said anything to us now she is stuck in mexico worse that she took my baby brother who was born here in florida...

    F.’s Answer

    I'm sorry that your mothers lawyer did not advise her of her possible visa denial.

    Why was it denied? Perhaps for having been in the US without papers for more than 1 year?

    Talk to a different attorney via Skype immediately.

    Here's the bad news ... she can only get a waiver if she has a parent or spouse that is lawfully in the US. Having a USC child is not enough.

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  • Not responding to a H1B RFE, will this affect any immigration related applications in the Future?

    I have an H1B approved from Company A, and an H1B RFE from Company B. I do not wish to join company B now, and so do not wish to respond to that RFE. Will this affect any of my immigration related applications in the future like H1B transfer, H1b ...

    F.’s Answer

    To respond, or not to respond, is not within your control

    The company must respond, or not respond.

    Contact the people at Company B and be honest with them & be prepared to offer them money for the expenses they 'invested' in making this application.

    Also, make sure that Company A is not a job shop that sends workers to 'client' assignments.

    Read this:

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  • To get or not married to a citizen with a felony while waiting for an immigration interview due to an asalym case.

    My status is currently pending as of April 2015 when I sent in my asalym case. They say it will take about 2 years before I get my immigration interview. At the same time I live with my boyfriend ( for almost a year), who is a US citizen but he ha...

    F.’s Answer

    His criminal problems, while serious personally, will not impact on the immigration case.

    Meet with an attorney via Skype .. most people who do their own asylum case are denied ... get an honest, and neutral, opinion about your asylum case.

    Also, be aware of the fact that your asylum case will probably continue for many, many more years.

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  • Having a permanent bar due to reentry to USA will denied a provisional waiver if petition thur marriage with US citizen?

    I reentered the US after been detained and deported as a minor back in 2005 from Mexico. Currently 26yrs old married to US citizen. Have 2 US children. Have no criminal record. If my husband peti...

    F.’s Answer

    I'm not so sure you have a permanent bar. Which is good ... a permanent bar ... is permanent.

    Meet in private with an attorney.

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